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“Young artists have the power to shape the future” — let’s take them seriously

An exclusive Interview with Shubham Tiwary, Whentimefreeze

With the creative art world more accessible than ever before, thanks to a rise in online platforms, virtual libraries and social media platforms, maybe it’s time to explore your inner Artist?

As a result of these exploratory channels and viable career paths evolving, up-and-coming artists are finding support from new avenues, encouraging them to take the leap of faith as individual creators. The key to building a sustainable creative future therefore lies in making young artists a priority today, in education and all other areas of everyday life.

Shubham Tiwary, who runs a podcast show “Whentimefreeze”, Shares some of his life journey experience with us,

He believes that life is all about a journey filled with Joy and sorrow, every new chapter will bring surprises, enjoy the moment and go with flow.

“In my journey I have seen more failures than success and my only quality that kept me going was determination and love for my work. I have been blessed with a wonderful voice, I never leave a space to appreciate that and you too should love what you have with you”

“The more you fail the more you learn, Always remember talent never goes unnoticed.”